Why NotCooley

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley is running for California Attorney General in the November 2010 election and must be defeated. Cooley has been a consistent and vocal opponent of safe access to medical marijuana. No single electoral race in California will affect the medical marijuana community more. In response, Americans for Safe Access has launched a campaign to defeat Cooley this November. Go to for more info.

  • LA District Attorney Steve Cooley must be defeated in the California Attorney General race if we hope to advance medical marijuana and other issues facing the state
  • Cooley has been a consistent and vocal opponent of access to medical marijuana, declaring “sales” to be illegal and conducting numerous raids of dispensaries
  • In 2009, Cooley participated in a training on the “eradication” of medical marijuana dispensaries hosted by the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA)
  • Cooley has defied local medical marijuana law and the LA City Council, calling them “irrelevant”

If elected, Cooley could:

  • Dismantle the gains made by medical marijuana patients over the past 14 years
  • Reverse the Attorney General Guidelines which have helped establish the legality of dispensaries in California
  • Continue with, and possibly even increase aggressive raids of dispensaries in California
  • Work with the DEA to undermine the full implementation of state law
  • Work to establish and overturn important legal precedents in the courts

Participate in the NotCooley campaign by:

  • Registering yourself and others to vote in the November election
  • Mobilizing others to vote against Cooley
  • Send people you know to to donate to the campaign, download materials, and find other ways to participate
  1. […] If Steve Cooley is elected he will do everything he can to turn the clock back to 1984, or at least 1995 – the year before Proposition 215 was passed. […]

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