Letter to Medical Cannabis Supporters

Cooley Is Not Cool!

The California Attorney General race — between Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris — is the most important election contest affecting medical cannabis patients. A win for Los Angeles District Attorney Cooley could devastate the gains we have made in bringing safe access to medical cannabis for Californian patients.

Cooley is not cool!  He is on record opposing the sales of medical marijuana and has a long history of complicating the local regulatory process. If elected, Cooley could criminalize the sale of medical marijuana and aggressively raid dispensaries around the state.  If elected, Cooley could reverse the 2008 California Attorney General Guidelines, jeopardizing rights now afforded to patients and providers across the state. As Attorney General, Cooley will likely work to overturn important legal precedents in the courts.

According to a recent Field poll, Cooley is ahead by several percentage points! We must reverse this trend!  A win for Cooley would be disastrous for the more than 400,000 medical cannabis patients in California. Let’s use our collective leverage to make sure Cooley is not elected as the next Attorney General of California!

We need your help to defeat Cooley. The first step is to get every patient signed up to vote by October 18th, 2010! Are you registered to vote?  Is your voter registration current? If not, register to vote now.

Defeating Cooley will avert the greatest threat to medical cannabis we presently face in California. Sign up now to join the Not Cooley campaign.

Thanks for you help.

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